Friday, December 1, 2006

The unhealthiest city in the U.S?#54: New Newspaper Article, Unhealthyville & YouTube on Your Phone.

Love to Asheville, North Carolina! Yesterday their Citizen-Times newspaper featured this short article about our project. It's a beautiful town I've been to on a couple of occasions and is certainly better than...

...the cities featured in this New York Times article, which outlines the least healthy places in the United States. The booby prize goes to Detroit, Michigan (see photo above) which--not coincidentally--is not one of the 250 towns in our project. Oklahomans were saddled with the most cities toward the poor end of the spectrum, securing the 98th and 94th (out of 100) worst spots. If anyone out there has spent a lot of time in any of these places, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the list.

Also noteworthy is another Times article about YouTube's imminent arrival on cell phones. The rollout itself seems somewhat underwhelming, but it's interesting as part of the wider migration of "internet" content to other handheld devices. It's not difficult to imagine where this leads us ten or fifteen years down the road, when accessing web data and resources is as commonplace as cell phone ownership is today.


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At 12/01/2006 12:58:00 PM, Anonymous a. wrote...

unhealthy how? i mean, detroit is a place where there a lot of mentally unhealthy people, what with the depressed economy coupled with the grim weather, but i don't see a larger proportion of fatties walking around than elsewhere. i haven't read the article, so i really don't know what they're trying to say about my home town, so i'll just say, 'boo, hiss! i love detroit!'

At 12/01/2006 01:16:00 PM, Blogger Danny&Nina wrote...

The article takes a lot of different factors into account under the overall 'health' umbrella besides things like obesity: suicide statistics, smoking rates, rape incidences, availability of affordable health care facilities, reported STD infections, violent crime, et cetera.

That's actually the best part of the survey, that it isn't simple a one-sided look at eating habits but rather a reflection of "6,000 bits of data in nearly 40 categories"

At 12/01/2006 02:51:00 PM, Anonymous a. wrote...

well, i guess i can see it since everyone and their brother smokes a lot and drinks a lot and doesn't have health care. it's a city not in the best of shape, you know. i wonder though if they are reporting just for the city of detroit, which has a population of less than 1 million and shrinking every year, or if they also are referring to the suburbs, which are growing at an alarming rate (go urban sprawl!)

At 12/01/2006 03:05:00 PM, Anonymous Ariel wrote...

Though I vote every day, and I do appreciate the funny/interesting blogs, my favorite part of your whole thing is reading articles and watching pieces in the news about you guys. I don't know why, I just like it. How people react to you guys is almost more interesting guys. No offense.
Oh, and Nina's art.

At 12/01/2006 04:33:00 PM, Anonymous alie wrote...

i live in the suburbs of detroit. i'm sad it has such a bad rap, but unfortunatley a lot of it is true. it's a pretty desolate place. i just hope it doesn't end up like that kurt russell movie escape from new york.


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