Monday, December 11, 2006

#58: The Fighting Irish & 3.5 Million Votes.

It's been an interesting weekend on the voting front as South Bend and Plano continue to duke it out for first place. When we went to bed last night, the Bend seemed to be enjoying a comfortable lead (about 10,000) votes. However, Plano has since reclaimed the lead. There has also been a previously unparalleled level of banter about South Bend on the forums where residents are debating the merits and drawbacks of their Indiana town.

All of this was fueled in part by a follow-up piece in the South Bend Tribune on Saturday. The first piece generated such a flurry of feedback that the newspaper decided to run the second article (which also had a front page placement).

Looks like things are heating up! We also crossed the 3.5 million vote mark today--crazy stuff!


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